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Conditions of use

Conditions of use

This page contains the conditions of use from the portal owned by FIMA Securities Ltd. By using any part of the portal and all its parts and associated web pages, you automatically accept all current conditions of use, with all amendments as may be put forward by FIMA Securities Ltd. at any time and without previous notice.


Contents of this location are protected by copyright belonging to or assigned to FIMA Vrijednosnicama Ltd., while owned by third parties. FIMA Securities Ltd.. is also in possession of a copyright on editing, choosing and coordination contents of these pages. Furthermore, this page contains trademarks and other intellectual property of FIMA Securities Ltd. or third parties. No content on these pages may be used without the approval of FIMA Securities Ltd.
Any infringement of said rights, whether intentional or unintentional, represents a breach of Conditions of Use of material from these web pages and is subject to material and penal liability.

Data Control and Safety

In order to ensure safety of data on these pages and, at the same time, allow access to our services for all clients, web pages of FIMA Securities Ltd.. use software support which monitors all visits and offers protection from unauthorised use or data exchange. However, every user of these web pages must observe a certain amount of risk of unauthorised persons or applications circumventing the safety precautions, in which case FIMA Securities Ltd. will not be responsible for any direct or indirect, incidental, intangible or tangible damages, losses or expenses which any user may incur.
While visiting these pages, your personal data will not be made accessible to the public, not will FIMA Securities Ltd. make them available to any third party, except with your explicit consent.
On certain locations within pages and at certain times, FIMA Securities Ltd. will collect personal used data, such as first and last names, addresses, company names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. This data will be used for purposes of communication and records of users visiting these web pages, and also in order to calculate statistical frequenting of pages. FIMA Securities Ltd. will not make this data available to any third party, nor will it process this data for any other purpose(s). Any communications or materials which you submit on these pages, such as questions, comments, suggestions, etc., will not be regarded as confidential.
All our client may, at any time, request an overview of all personal data we received from the client in question through one of our network addresses. At your request, we can update, correct or delete such data, or cease to use this data in the future. If you wish to exercise this right, simply write us about it at

Sending messages through e-mail

Sending e-mail messages containing personal data which could be used to ascertain your identity may be insecure and open to unauthorised access by third parties, or wrong delivery. FIMA Securities Ltd. is not responsible for safety and confidentiality of such messages; however, it retains the right to duplicate, use and distribute the same without limitations.

Links to third party web pages

Links on these web pages are used for information purposes, a FIMA Securities Ltd. are not responsible for the accuracy of information, i.e. content on these pages, or the results which may arise through the use of such pages. If you decide to use one of the links offered on web pages of FIMA Securities Ltd., you are doing so completely at your own discretion.


All information available on these web pages is to be regarded as information only; it may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to third parties. Information which FIMA Securities Ltd. publishes on these web pages shall be considered accurate and reliable at the time of their entering; however, it does not guarantee all data saved on these pages are accurate, true or reliable.
Information on these web pages may not be understood as a call to purchase or sell shares, or be the basis for reaching important personal, financial or business decisions; you are hereby agreeing that you will not hold us responsible for non-realization of your expectations with regard to this matter. FIMA Securities Ltd. cannot guarantee the accessibility of services and information. FIMA Securities d.o.o retain the right to change any contents published on at any time and without previous announcement or special notice. FIMA Securities Ltd. are also not obligated to update written materials and services published on these web pages. FIMA Securities Ltd. will not be liable for any direct or indirect, tangible or intangible damages, losses or expenses incurred as a result of use or impossibility of use of any information fount on these web pages.

Applicable law

By accessing and using these web pages, you are accepting and shall be subject to Croatian substantive law as the law in exclusive jurisdiction for interpretation, use and legal effect of all permissions, exclusions and conditions of use. Croatian courts shall exclusively be in jurisdiction for all applications and disputes arising as a result of the use of web pages of FIMA Securities Ltd., or with regard to those web pages.
FIMA Securities Ltd. does not guarantee that materials present on said web pages are suitable or user-accessible on certain locations, i.e. FIMA Securities Ltd. will not be responsible for access to these pages from territories of countries where the content of such web pages is prohibited by law. It shall be understood that any access to these web pages from such locations is attempted arbitrarily and is the user"s sole responsibility with regard to the applicable law.