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Securities trading

Trading securities entails purchase and sale of securities listed on the Zagreb stock exchange (Zagrebačka burza d.d.) and stock exchanges of the region and the process of collecting amounts due for performed transactions.

Before the services can be used, a contract must be concluded for brokerage services, whereby you, the client, gain the right to trade with securities on the Croatian market, but also on any other foreign market that we have made legal preconditions for trading. Trading securities is also possible on the Serb Republic market, with intermediation by FIMA Securities.

If you wish to find out more about trading securities, please contact one of our certified brokers, who will explain the procedure of trading securities or will, as soon as he or she receives your appropriate documentation, perform the purchase or sale of shares as per your order.

You can contact our brokers, for issuing orders or any other reason, by phone, eTrade service or personally in our business facilities. eTrade is a service using which our clients can issue orders electronically, contact their broker, or check their portfolio and prices of securities.