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Margin limits

Banks offering crediting through margin credits issue lists of shares suitable for purchase through margin credits.

Banks also determine percentage limits of representation for each share in the portfolio of the margin credit user with respect to category which that share was placed into.

Banks may, as an exception, issue a list of shares which cannot be traded that day (and are otherwise present on the list of shares approved for purchase) due to overreaching the bank limit and exposing those shares to too high a risk.

Every client trading within the margin credit boundaries shall adhere to all provisions of the margin credit contract concluded with the bank and be informed on the list of shares approved for purchase. Furthermore, FIMA Securities shall charge the regular account of the client for every share purchase that the bank, as a creditor, does not accept. The client will thus be obligated to cover the costs of the non-approved purchase, i.e. it shall be considered that the shares were purchased for the regular account.